Moving Hacks 101: Tricks of the Trade for an Effortless Transition

 Have you just bought a new home and are planning a move? This can be exciting but comes with many responsibilities. Moving your belongings to your new place can be hectic; the common tasks include packing and ferrying your valuables. However, you can execute this easily if you know how to do it right.

 Check out moving hacks to ease the transition:

1. Budget Right

Moving is associated with various expenses. These include acquiring packing supplies, hiring movers or a mover truck, and planning for utilities like water and electricity. Budget for all costs and ensure you have enough in your kitty for the move. Also, set some cash aside for unexpected costs. Doing this will help avoid disappointments on the big day. 

2. Consider a Moving Container

You may want to do a DIY move, and this is less costly. However, you need the right storage container for your move. This saves a lot on packing boxes and other expensive supplies. 

Therefore. Hire a moving container from a reputed moving company, and pack all your belongings with ease. For instance, you can get a high-quality container from the Drop A Box moving and storage company, pack and have it delivered to your new home. You can also have it stored until you are ready to unpack. 

3. Choose the Right Container

 You will get different storage containers in the market, but not all will suit your belongings. Choose one that is spacious enough to fit your belongings and type of goods. If you go for a small container, you may suffer breakages along the way and have to replace some items. Discuss this with the mover team; they can help you choose what matches your needs.

4. Seek Help

 Packing can be challenging if you are unsure how to do it. Enlist help from family and friends and think of professional assistance. You may need professional help packing some delicate items like electronics and kitchen appliances, and expert movers will help do it. 

You may also need help unloading the items, and the mover team will come in handy. They have the expertise and knowledge in handling different goods and will help minimize the risk of damage.

5. Prepare Your New Home

Have your new place ready, and do this in advance. For instance, clean your new home and ensure everything is set. Plan for utilities like water and electricity to avoid inconveniences upon arrival. Also, mark the rooms to ease offloading; this helps to know where to put the boxes when packing.

6. Remember to Have an Essentials Kit

 Not everything will go to the storage container. You need some essentials on the way or on arrival before you unpack. Therefore, set aside a small bag for essential items like baby clothes, pet food, chargers, important documents, and more. This will ease accessibility and avoid the rush of unpacking when not ready. Have the bag in your car, where it is easily accessible.


Moving requires proper planning and can be easy with the right team. Therefore, acquire the right storage container and seek professional help from expert movers. You will save time and avoid damage to your valuables.