Why Own a Swimming Pool/Hot Tub for Kids

Some of the best memories as kids are around a swimming pool and hot tub. There is always something special and good about swimming with family and friends during summer as kids.

Swimming pools and hot tubs aren’t just fun for children. They also provide numerous benefits for their development and health. So whether it is the front or backyard of your home, the following are reasons to own a swimming pool or hot tub for your kids:

1. Get More Exercise

The benefits of taking a dip in a swimming pool are documented, and kids can swim in a typical residential pool where they can be lucky to turn around and swim without bumping into anyone.

That said, your children don’t need to swim so as to enhance their fitness level. Simply horsing in the water is good exercise.

2. Cleanliness

A public swimming pool isn’t always the cleanest. Because of that, public swimming pools increase the risks of illnesses that parasites, such as Shigella, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium, cause.

Bromine and chlorine are part of the swimming pool routine that helps to keep dangerous pathogens out of the way. However, the swimming pool’s shallow ends meant for kids aren’t treated with these chemicals. Instead, you must use natural enzymes as pool and hot tub water care routine.

By owning a swimming pool, you will have full control over the cleanliness and maintenance of water. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing that your kids are playing in pathogen-free and safe water.

3. More Confidence

Confidence is an important capability every kid must develop to lead a fulfilling and happy life. For some types of personality, this might be a challenge.

It is especially tough for kids experiencing anxiety in the water, usually caused by anxiety or frightening experience about water. Water confidence is intuitive for kids with the right support. For kids, learning how to swim can:

  • Equip them with a socializing tool and a new talent
  • Push boundaries in a controlled environment
  • Develop confidence by expanding your comfort zone
  • Reassure them they may safely explore water

4. Safety

A swimming pool/hot tub is a perfect way of teaching kids how to swim safely and be around water. Kids with a swimming pool or hot tub in their homes have shown stronger swimming skills, making them safer inside the water. Although kids still have to be supervised in the swimming pool, having kids who are great swimmers give parents peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

5. Convenience

A community swimming pool or hot tub is wonderful when they are open. But every community pool and tub has operating hours and can or can’t mesh with your schedule. Even when they are open, they only work during a specific time of the year, mostly during the summer and spring months.

Having a swimming pool and hot tub means it will always be open for your kids whenever they want to swim, be it night or day. And if the pool is heated, your kids may still enjoy swimming anytime they want.

What Will It Cost You to Have a Hot Tub or Pool Installed

There is no doubt that installing a pool is costly. The total and final costs will depend on the pool features, type, and size. But roughly, it will range from $35k to $100k.