5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Sofa Set for Your Home

For many of us, living rooms are where we spend most of our free time; it’s where we watch movies with our families, or it’s where we chat with our friends after long days at work. A sofa set in your living room will have a huge impact on your home’s overall aesthetic, so it’s important to get the design right before you start shopping for furniture. Here are five tips for designing the perfect sofa set for your home.

1) Balance Elements

Nothing is worse than a living room set that doesn’t fit with your existing home decor. To ensure that your sofa set will blend into your home’s aesthetic, keep balance in mind when designing it. For example, you may choose to mix textures or colors by choosing a velvet loveseat and coordinating chair or throw pillow in a solid color fabric-like beige to complement it.

2) Style Your Space With Complementary Colors

Do you know how they say everything should be in threes? Well, when it comes to decorating your home, you want to create a sense of harmony. This is why you should make sure that all of your sofa set accessories — throw pillows, accent pieces, and rugs — have similar colors so your space flows seamlessly. Choose three hues (one neutral and two others) that complement each other well. For example, if you’re going with blue as your main color scheme, use yellow as one of your secondary shades; if red is your main hue, choose green as one of your secondaries.

3) Use Functional Furniture

Functional furniture is space-saving and ideal for smaller homes. Buy a coffee table that doubles as a dining table, or a bed that functions as an additional room divider. You’ll still be able to impress your guests with designer aesthetics, even if you choose pieces that have dual functionality. Look out for innovative products at design shows like NeoCon, which offers a host of new products every year. Or check out online design stores like 1st Dibs and Urban Outfitters—both offer classic items that can be repurposed in multiple ways around your home.

4) Don’t Be Afraid to Use Bright Colors

Color is an easy way to instantly add pizzazz to a room. A bold palette with a mix of textures and patterns can be energizing, or provide a soothing environment. If you’re interested in adding color but aren’t sure where to start, look at your walls first. The colors that you choose for wall decorations and accents can provide insight into what you might like for furniture, carpets, and window treatments.

5) Keep It Simple

While you might be enamored with decor magazines and Pinterest these days, don’t let your emotions get ahead of your senses. Try to stick to things that are uncomplicated and uncomplicated designs. Of course, if you’re going to design your own sofa set, keep it within a budget. Your sofa set should be versatile enough so that it can work in any room in your home. A good rule of thumb is to buy something that will look nice no matter where you put it. For example, you could buy an ottoman or coffee table and then use different kinds of pillows on top depending on what room you put them in.