The Best Gardening Tips to Create an Oasis in Your Home

You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy gardening; even if you’re in an apartment in the city, you can still grow plants and flowers and use them to create a beautiful home landscape that you’ll enjoy all year long. Keep reading for some of the best gardening tips on how to create your own oasis at home.


The right seating can make all of the difference when you’re trying to entertain. When your guests are ready for a break, they don’t want to search high and low for a comfortable spot. Adding pillows, throws and floor seating around your patio or yard will encourage guests to stop, relax and enjoy spending time outside with you. If you love gardening but feel like it’s too much work, there are plenty of ways to get some help! Hire someone else to maintain your garden while you still get the credit. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, invest in a good set of shears that allow you to clip back plants at ground level so that weeding is more manageable!


When your home’s plants are starved for sunlight, their leaves may appear yellow or orange—or even turn brown and die. To ensure that all of your plants thrive and flourish under artificial lighting, hang a fluorescent bulb within one foot of each plant. While full-spectrum bulbs provide more natural light than other alternatives, they can be expensive. In most cases, simply using a cool white or warm white (yellowish) bulb should suffice.


Some of us love plants while others just don’t get it. While there are a variety of reasons to bring greenery into your home, they all boil down to one simple idea: plants make your home feel more like home. With a few easy and affordable plants you can create a dynamic oasis right inside your living room or bedroom. If you’re looking for some great plant ideas for your space, keep reading! The first type of plant we recommend is the succulent (pictured below). These low-maintenance plants are perfect for any windowsill or desk that gets natural light from the sun. In addition to being a conversation starter with guests, succulents have minimal watering needs and require infrequent fertilizer; this makes them perfect if you forget to water your other houseplants every once in awhile.

Garden Design Inspiration

Before starting any garden project, take time to dream up your garden of desire. Find inspiration through pictures, books and anything else that gives you a sense of what you want your space to look like. Be realistic with yourself and don’t plan out something that is impossible or too expensive. Focus on creating an outdoor space that meets your needs while looking lovely. When designing your garden be sure to pick the plants and flowers that you love the most so that they will bring joy every day. Also remember to have fun as this is your own personal space!

Outdoor Furniture Decorating Ideas

While you’re furnishing your patio and backyard, think beyond just tables and chairs. You can create beautiful outdoor spaces with artistic touches—hanging plants, a fountain or koi pond, candles, etc.—that will make your guests say wow when they step into your yard. But remember that good looks aren’t everything: outdoor furniture must also be comfortable and durable for year-round use.